The Internet is Changing Education

We've been teaching university and college courses since 1999 and have earned a reputation as an IT education leader in Winnipeg. Our instructors are active in their industries, working every day with the technologies they teach, bringing real-world, practical experience into the classroom.

Employment skills

The best education is practical, applicable, and employable. Whether our students are seeking their first jobs or are looking to advance their careers, we deliver skills and knowledge that are relevant in the workplace.

Practical and hands-on

Our classes balance theory and practical knowledge, maximizing comprehension through hands-on experience. Our students tackle projects that increase both their skills and understanding. When they make mistakes, they work to fix them. Just like in the real world.

Variety of topics

Ten years ago, XHTML and CSS were the building blocks of the Web. Now, we teach our students to be linchpins in the entire web development process, with experience in project management, server setup and support, design and coding, back-end and front-end programming, with serious chops in the technologies that make the Web work: the full LAMP stack, Java, ASP.NET, various MVC frameworks, JavaScript and Ajax, and more.

Tried and tested

With over a decade teaching IT and web development to college and university students, we've learned what works and what doesn't. You can be confident that a course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in today's workforce.

UWinnipeg PACE

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