Augmented Reality Projects

UWinnipeg PACE Winnipeg Transit Layar Plugin

2011 Mar

The University of Winnipeg's Professional, Applied and Continuing Education Information & Communication Technology (UWinnipeg PACE ICT) Transit plugin for Layar lets you find Winnipeg Transit bus stops near your location. It provides route information and real-time details on Transit stops and more. It will even give you a walking route to the point you choose.

You can learn more about the Layar UWinnipeg PACE ICT Transit plugin here.

Winnipeg Parking Layar Plugin

2011 Apr

For fun, we created a Layar plugin that told us what parking zone we were in, the hours, the rate, and gave us a one-touch button to use pay-by-phone. This was just for our own internal use, and was never released as a public project.

Birchwood Chicken Delight Ad

2012 Nov

While doing a 5-month contract with Chicken Delight International, we partnered with Birchwood Hyundai to add augmented reality to one of their newspaper ads.

UWinnipeg PACE Bus Ad

2013 Apr

The university wanted to experiment with print AR on a bus ad before moving to the much heavier project of their viewbook.

Lanoie AR Biz Card

2013 May

Another project just for fun. We created some business cards that contained the contact information as AR tags. This was so successful that we started getting request from clients to augment their cards as well.

UWinnipeg PACE Viewbook

2013 Jun

Due out this spring, the 2013 UWinnipeg PACE viewbook will contain student interviews and other augmented features. Logo